Winner Details

Corina Glod

* Elevă la Liceul Teoretic "Mihail Berezovschi", Chișinău.
* Locul I la Categoria English Language Band, ediția a V-a a Concursului Național Școlar, 2013;
* Premiu: tabără de vară (2 săptămâni) în cadrul Bellerbys College, Londra, UK;

"Bellerbys summer course was truly an unforgettable experience. Combining academic study with entertaining activities and exciting excursions this course offers so much more than what your imagination would come up with.

The timetable is divided in two parts: school time during the day and leisure time in the afternoon. Lessons end at 15:45 (or maybe earlier if the teachers feel like it- which they did because of the insufferable heat). We had 3 hours of English every morning and then 2 hours of another academic subject (psychology, business studies, history, science, maths). We had short breaks during these lessons and an hour lunch break after English. The lessons were interesting and enjoyable. At English we had debates on controversial issues, pitched some strange inventions and talked about differing matters. All teachers were interesting, versatile and agreeable.

No matter how much I liked school, the evening was still my favourite part of the day. Each one brought us a thrill for it offered the much desired sight of London and not only. We had days when we could choose from a few options which also included free time but most of the excursions were compulsory. We visited The British Museum, Harry Potter Studio, Madame Tussauds. On weekends we went out of the town to such places like Stonehenge, Bath and Cambridge. I liked the fact than on each excursion we were given free time to roam around the place. With a map in hand we could go wherever we wanted making sure to come back on time.

On the days I chose free time I went sightseeing. Thus I got acquainted with London's public transport, its streets and of course its tourist attractions. The only thing that was quite a hindrance was the curfew. Being an underage I had to be in the dorm at 21.30 on school days and 23.00 on weekends. I perfectly understand the necessity of this but still it was upsetting, summer nights are not meant to be this short.

I had a great time at Bellerbys for the atmosphere there is amiable and nice. The staff was always polite, helpful and pleasant. They offered moral support if needed, were always there to help you or give some advice. I never felt homesick or distressed; I didn't have time to waste on this. Words don't suffice to describe all I felt during these 2 weeks. It was splendid!"