We are delighted to welcome you to the 9th edition of the National School Contest SKOLAR, which is being held in Moldova from 28th of October to 5th of November 2017.

Launched in 2008 (previously known as "edUKation"), SKOLAR is a non political, not-for-profit initiative of EXCEL supported by an institutional partnership with Ministry of Education and Youth of Moldova, national and international educators, sponsors and media centres.

Our ambtion is to become the country’s premier education event for students aged 15-19 and serve as a platform for young people to explore and develop their full potential.

Our Aims

To connect young people with best learning and personal development opportunities

To promote opportunities for greater student academic mobility and competitiveness of Moldovan students

To promote and support the ideals and best practices of international education and contribute to the development of the national education sector.

Each year, SKOLAR addresses over 528 schools and colleges in Moldova and over 30.000 pupils aged 15-19, and is open for participation in the following bands:

ENGLISH Language

Partners and Sponsorship Opportunities

We pride ourselves for an excellent network of reputable and dedicated local and international partners and sponsors. We are open for new partnerships and collaborative projects aimed at shaping the success of today’s and tomorrow’s young generation. We offer numerous avenues for you and your organization to reach out to young students and wider educational community in Moldova.

To explore sponsorship and partnership opportunities further, please contact Mrs Elena Fulidi, elena@excel.md.

Sponsorship options

Attract the country`s most talented and gifted students and raise your organisation’s profile with one of our sponsorship options:

Main Partner

You will be sponsoring one or several winning places (there is a total of 9 places – 3 for each contest band) by offering a partial or full scholarship for an academic course or vacation programme. Alternatively you can offer a value coupon worth 500Eur and more.

Participating Partner

As a Participating Partner you will make a smaller contribution towards a consolation prize or main winning places. This can be in the form of servicess offered by your organisation or other form of support to a talented student shortlisted in the top 100 finalists. Prizes in this category usually include: books, smaller gadgets, exam fees, memory sticks and other valuables.